Zapya For Windows Phone Free Download New Version

Windows Phone has the most different and attractive way of the user interface. It is highly secured and differs from another operating system like Android, Ios. Zapya app becomes more compactable for sharing files in windows app store. Using this app you can share files at any place and at any time. Any size of files like Music, Videos, PDF documents can be shared using Zapya. Zapya for windows phone helps the user to view their file sharing history. Zero cost of file sharing is applied here. Let’s download this amazing file sharing application and start to experience the way of sharing.

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Highlights of Zapya For Windows Phone

  • Connecting over 300 million users worldwide
  • Real Cross-platform sharing with native Android, iPhone/iPad, Windows Phone/PC, and Mac software
  • Global Mobile Internet’s TOP 50 Best Apps; Individual Award for The Best Tools App of GMIC 2015

Special Features of Zapya For Windows Phone

Free and Self-contained

Share files without costing mobile data plan nor connecting a WiFi router. Saving and Safe.

Fast and Furious

The fastest wireless file transfer tool up to date. Hook up any model of device in a snap.

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Any file and Any size

Zapya free download is used to share photos, music, video, apps, PDF, and any other file types with unlimited file size.

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Group Sharing

Meetup sharing enables any-to-any transfer with a group of people. 5 friends, 5X fun.

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Cross-Platform Sharing

One can share any files to any OS platforms like Android, iOS, Mac, PC. It helps to share files with who you want to share without any limitations.

Supported Languages

Zapya download supports languages like English(default), Spanish, Persian, Indonesian(Bahasa), Thai, Arabic, Burmese, Russian, Vietnamese, Chinese(Simplified & Traditional).

QR Code Scanning

Zapya app helps you to share your files through QR code. It is a more secure way to transfer files to other users. You can generate your own QR Code and store your files over there.

Phone Replicate

Backup your files with Zapya phone replicate option. You can easily transfer data’s from your old mobile to new one easily

Download Zapya For Windows Phone Latest Version

Download the amazing file sharing application named Zapya here. Using this application you can share files and folders from your windows phone to any other devices like Windows PC, Android, Mac PC, Ios. Zapya free download also provides offline chat when the two users are nearby. You can also play games using this app.

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Review About Zapya For Windows Phone

There is some helpful review about Zapya download and it helps you to make a right decision. The review are shown below for your kind referral.

Conclusion For Zapya For Windows Phone Free Download

Zapya helps you to share files with ultra speed. The file transferring speed is about 10mb/second. It is 200 times faster than Bluetooth. No limit of data sharing is available here. This kind of stuffs helps you to use Zapya more comfortable. Hope the above information is useful to you. Thanks for spending some valuable time with us. Download the Zapya app and start experiencing the way of file sharing.

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